Bent Cold Sidewalk

from by Carella Ross



the version released as a bonus track on
Mrs Produkt - Chapter Four (The King's Throat)

originally recorded by: Tangerine Dream
album: Cyclone (1978)

this is only about 1/3 of the track slightly rearranged


upon this key time will slide
beyond the lock you lose your mind
and as our door becomes open
a rush of sound is found inside
creating dreams that pass you by

you may live your life a long long time
but you will never know from where it came
yet all you've seen is what you've wanted to
you're walking forward as you look behind
watching those old memories fade and die

this door is heavy and is deeply stained
with wasted tears that try to fight in vain
you may be sitting feeling quite secure
but listen carefully and this key is yours
for we can lead you far beyond that door

just a bent cold sidewalk
just a bent cold sidewalk
just a bent cold sidewalk
just a bent cold sidewalk

it may be gone


from Nom De Plume, released August 7, 2010
Carella Ross - vocals & all instruments




Carella Ross Los Angeles, California

From Hollywood by way of Chicago

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